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VR PRODUCTIONS is an international VR / 360 Productions Startup based in Athens Greece. Our scope is to produce high quality 360 Virtual Tours and Immersive VR Experiences based on our team expertise and love for our job.

It is founded by Ioannis Exarchos at 2018 and employs highly trained young people with the passion and desire to produce High Quilty Virtual Tour projects.

Our Team

Our company culture is based on its people. We share knoledge, aesthetics and passion for the VR world, forming flexible teams in every project that aim to effectively accomplish what we all agree on.

World Changer!

VR Experiences is the future. Let’s start working with it!

Ioannis Exarchos
Founder - VR Director

Hi To All!

Hi To All! My name is Konstantinos and I am Mobile Developer. So Let’s start creating Applications!

Konstantinos Bakas
VR Mobile Developer

Experiences Creator

Dimitra Gogolou
Co-founder - CX, EX & VR Experiences Pro

Love to code

Hi! My name is Stavros and I am a VR expert programmer. So let’s start coding!

Stavros Maniateas
Co-Founder / VR Programmer

Your are choosing us because...

We are innovators

We are trustful

We love what we do